Our Team

Meet our friendly, caring and dedicated team.


Bruce Wieland, Principal, Dental Prosthetist

Bruce has a wonderful manner with his patients, a way of making everyone at ease. He is dedicated to enhancing each individual’s attributes and personal confidence. Most clients report ongoing benefits to their health and wellbeing following treatment.

Being one of the first in Brisbane to become a qualified Dental Prosthetist, Bruce is highly regarded by his peers and often called upon for training expertise. He has a knack for problem solving unique client challenges.

Bruce has spent his working life giving to his profession. He was a founding member of the Australian Dental Prosthetist Association of Queensland and was honoured with life membership in 2008. This group was instrumental in the registration of the profession in Queensland and today ensure the use of modern techniques and the adoption of high standards. Through his industry development work he has strong relationships with other Dentist Associates, and Dental Specialists.

A family man at heart, Bruce works exceptionally well with the very young, providing mouthguards, and with frail older patients providing appropriate denture services to enhance their quality of life.


Lyn Wieland, Practice Manager

As our Practice Manager Lyn is usually the first person to greet you when you arrive at our clinic. She takes care of our patients from beginning to end and ensures that you are made to feel comfortable and satisfied with our service.. Everyone at Creek Road Dental focuses on quality of care, personalised service and making your visit a pleasant one so you’ll be happy to return.